Zastava M2010
AKM 7.62x39
Zastava M05
Zastava M70 AB2
LA 16 MG
VSK 100
Zastava PAP 7.62x39
AK 47 Rifle
CSA Rifles
Zastava M21 SBS
CS 97 Auto Rifle (5.56x45)
Chinese MP3
International Defense Supplier

We are totally flexible, accurate, we have many years of experience in defense and safety business and we count on satisfied customers as they are our references and constitute our sales team.

We have the right gear you need at the right price and the legal way to purchase this. 

We never negotiate your safety and your Company's legality and reputation as we only deal under high standards!.
Whatever you need, whenever you need it!

Since 2003 we are providing Defense, Safety and Advanced Security Technologies products and services on a worldwide basis covering all the demand of our clients under the highest market standards.

International amour is a contractual business and strategic partner of many well known worldwide manufacturer in all products, special equipment and High Technology systems related to Defense, Security and Safety sectors.

The company keeps branches in various countries in order to well service its clients globally, while the group of International Armour is constituted by affiliated Companies and business partners in Security, Maritime Security and Land Security services as well as in Consultancy fields through Kroll Company as an official and registered individual contractor.

International Armour is one of the few private companies that can be accomplishing your needs in all levels related to your Defense, Security and Safety needs
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We only legal trade with countries/companies that are not under any sanction by the UN and the EU