Safeway Bomb Containment Trailer (NSN: 1385-99-331-1632)

The Safeway Bomb Containment Trailer System was developed by government Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) experts to enable relatively inexperienced operators to remove a suspect Improvised Explosive Device (IED) to a safe location where it can safely be examined or destroyed.

The equipment is designed to safely contain and transport a suspect  explosive object of up to 4Kg of TNT and up to 600mm x 800mm x 600mm in size.

The unique design of the Safeway enables it to be easily used with a minimal amount of training.

The Safeway Bomb Containment Trailer System consists of a specially designed bomb container mounted on a four wheeled trailer which can easily be towed.

The container is made from two layers of high-strength, high-impact 40mm ballistic steel.

The chamber space between the inner steel ‘tube’ and the outer steel wall is filled with dry sand* which together with the strengthened ballistic steel, helps absorb the effects of blast, thus enabling the Safeway container to be used repeatedly.

The Safeway’s exceptional thermal and pressure-tolerant design provides high explosion suppression capability. In the event of an accidental detonation the tubular design of the container ensures the blast effect will be directed vertically upwards, rather than sideways, thus ensuring minimal damage will be caused to the towing vehicle, trailer body and the surrounding area.

A suspect device is picked up with the aid of a hand-portable telescopic manipulator which can be provided with the Safeway System.
The operator places the device on the back of the Safeway trailer and the rotating pneumatic lifting arm is
remotely operated to raise the package and gently place it inside the container.

Once the Safeway is loaded with the suspect device the trailer can be safely towed to a convenient site where the device can be removed from the container.

Shock absorbers help protect the container from any sudden movement. Removing the suspect device is done by reversing the loading process.

Once removed from the Safeway container, the device can be examined with the use of a portable x-ray or it can be harmlessly disposed of with the use of an explosive disruptor.


Trailer size: 4.1m long x 2.2m wide x 2.2m high
Outer Container size: 1.8m high x 1.7m wide
Height to top of vessel: 1.6m
Steel Thickness: 40mm
Overall Weight: 3000kg (3.5 tonnes when filled by user with dry sand)
Protective Level: 4kg of TNT

TABRE shield 1000 Explosive Isolation Unit

The TABRE shield 1000 Explosive Isolation Unit has been designed for the safe containment of postal bombs, explosives and IED devices and has been developed in consultation with UK Government EOD and IEDD experts.

The units are designed to accommodate a wide variety of packages and parcels, including calendars and drawing tubes.

The TABRE shield Isolation Units are simple-to-use, intrinsically vented steel boxes lined with the unique TABRE¨ blast attenuation materials.

Each unit has a fail-safe, three-catch, positive closing system allowing one to immediately identify whether the TABRE shield is closed correctly.

The units are small enough to fit under most work surfaces, thus allowing them to be discretely hidden away.

Shrike Exploder

The Shrike Exploder (complete with charger) is a fully approved hard wire exploder which is currently in service in more than 44 countries worldwide.

From the arctic to the tropics it has proved itself as a safe, reliable and cost-effective system for the initiation of explosives, mines, pyrotechnics and other electro-explosive devices


The E3500 is the world’s first and most recognized portable explosives trace detector that uses Luminol hemiluminescence (Chemilumina).

The E-3500 is the only portable device capable  of detecting the presence of all threat explosives, including ICAO taggants,military plastics and TATP.

Unlike other detectors, it does not use any external carrier gas or radioactive source.

If portability, quick detection and clear, accurate results are crucial, then this is the explosives detector needed.

The E-3500 offers extremely fast and stable detection with very high selectivity for explosives and immunity to humidity or contamination problems.

The E-3500 detects traces of particulates and vapours, allowing for non-invasive searches of luggage, mail, vehicles, documents and containers.

The E-3500 is flexible and easy to operate, offering both vapour and particulate sampling without the use of an external carrier gas or radioactive source.

Vapours are sampled directly via the sampling nozzle.

Particulates are sampled by swiping a suspected object with a cotton glove or other means and transferring any traces to the unit.

This dual capability enables users to select the most suitable method of sampling for the explosives of interest.

The E-3500 is ready for operation within thirty seconds from turn on, and starts processing samples immediately, giving results in just seconds.

The E-3500 has proven to be capable of detecting plastic and high vapor pressure explosives rapidly-giving clear results you can trust.

Luminol Chemiluminescence is an ASTM-EPA standard method for atmospheric monitoring of nitrogen dioxide.

It can detect minute traces (low nanogram level) of C-4, TNT,Dynamite, PETN, Semtex, EGDN, DMNB, RDX, ANFO, Amonium,Nitrate, Urea Nitrate, Nitrogly-cerine and TATP, with low false alarm levels and few interferents.


Detection Principle: Luminol Chemiluminescence - Disposable cartridge
Radioactivity: No radioactive source, and no licensing or radioactive calibration applicable.
Detectable Compounds: Most military (including plastic) and commercially available explosives,C4,TNT, Nitroglycerin Dynamite, PETM, Semtex, RDX, ANFO, ICAO Taggants, (DMNB, EGDN, o-MNT, p-MNT), Urea nitrate, and TATP
Sampling Capabilities: Vapors and particulates - Dual mode
Typical Sample: 5-30 seconds (user selectable based on application)
Analysis Time Sample: Within 15 seconds
Initial Warm-Up Time: 30 seconds
Carrier Gas: None required (ambient air)
Controls: Power switch, keypad, automatic vapor/particulate selector and volume control (with optional earphone)
Data Storage & Communications: 1000 retrievable data records RS-232 serial output port for remote control and monitoring
Power Supply: 12 volt DC rechargeable battery pack, external battery pack, 12 volt AC adapter
Operating Temperatures: 0°C to +55°C (+32°F to +131°F)
Storage Temperatures: 0°C to +65°C (+32°F to +149°F)
Shipping Weight: 12 kg (26 lbs.) in steel-reinforced, foam-padded, protective carrying case

NATO STOCK NO (NSN): 6665-99-981-0379

Land Mines and explosive ordnance contamination is the result of WW I - WW II and numerous worldwide conflicts during the past 100 years. Today, the United Nations estimates that more than 70 countries are facing a significant landmine and/or explosive ordnance contamination problem, while a smaller number experience the problem to a lesser degree.

RISK Group is constitute by high educated certified and with many years of experience staff in EOD and bomb disposal services. 

Our EOD head quarter is located in Europe, with offices, branches and co-operators almost worldwide and with main aim the reducing and elimination of the RISK posed by the contamination caused by unexploded ordnance and land mines as well as the alleviation of the impact that the contamination causes to infrastructure for future development, people's lives socially, economically and environmental.

We provide a comprehensive range of EOD/Mine Action products and projects worldwide including Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Landmine Clearance, Site Investigation, Marine Services, QA/QC, Risk Assessment, EOD Training and equipment provision consultant.

Our clientele includes governments, specialist units of the MoD, oil companies, construction industries and local and international organizations and companies while our officers have an extensive experience in land and marine surveys, investigation, consultancy, landmine clearance training and clearance of land contaminated areas with ordnance including bombs and landmine, both on land and underwater.

MK5A EOD Bomb Disposal Suit

The state-of-the-art MK5A EOD Bomb Disposal Suit is an up-armoured version of the MK5 Bomb Disposal
Suit which has been in use for many years in dozens of countries worldwide.
The MK5A provides the highest level of protection of any bomb suit currently manufactured, whilst at the same time offering maximum comfort and flexibility to the operator.
It can be supplied in any size required by the client.

MK5 EOD Search Suit

The Search Suit has been designed specifically for personnel involved in searching for and clearing of  mines and terrorist explosive devices. 
Although the Search Suit does not offer the higher protection of the MK5 EOD Bomb Disposal Suit, it is much lighter in weight, provides all-round
protection, whilst at the same time being comfortable to wear and allowing virtually unrestricted movement.

Hard-Wired Communication System

The Hard-Wired Communications System is a fully duplex communication system designed specifically for EOD teams using the MK5 EOD Bomb Disposal Suit.
The system provides duplex communication between the bomb disposal operator and his back-up team.  It consists of a plug which connects to the helmetΥs in-built earpiece and microphone, 100 metres of twisted core signal cable mounted on a spool, a headset, speaker/amplifier, and carrying bag.

De-Mining Apron & Visor

The De-Mining Apron was designed specially for UN de-mining operators. It is provided with a head-mounted flip-up ballistic visor which provides protection against shrapnel and anti-personnel mines.

Mine Shoes & Gaitors

The Mine Shoes are a tried and tested product that have been developed following many years of research and countless hours of field and laboratory testing.
The shoes can be inflated and attached to the operator’s foot in seconds using a velcro and aluminum harness.
Once secured, the shoes can be used to traverse anti-personnel minefields allowing the wearer to walk directly over mines
without fear of detonation.
A conventional de-mining boot only offers a degree of protection should a detonation occur.
The concept, though unique, is extremely simple and works by evenly distributing the user’s weight over a wide area, in a
uniform manner, meaning that the actual pressure exerted on the mine will be less than the operational threshold required
to detonate the mine.
The Mine Shoes are currently being used by UK EOD Teams in Iraq and Afghanistan and are in service with other armies

Length: 70cm
Width: 37cm
Weight: 2.8kg
Mk4 Hook & Line Kit (NSN 1385-99-665-5985)

The MK4 kit provides a variety of components for attaching a line to a suspected IED and devices for anchoring snatch blocks to floors, walls and windows and door frames. Snatch blocks are self opening to enable IED's to be manoeuvred along complex routes in a single operation.

The 120m line enables the removal operation to be conducted remotely.
A sledge is included which can be used to improve the maneuverability of a suspect object on stairs or rough ground and to prevent snagging at corners. A telescopic pole which extends to 3m may be used to attach a hook and line remotely.

The Comprehensive Hook & Line Kit provides a bomb technician with a wide range of equipment that can be deployed to gain access and remove, manipulate and handle suspect explosive devices contained inside buildings, vehicles, as well as in open areas.

Included in the Comprehensive Hook & Line Kit is a wide range of tools and equipment designed specially for a bomb disposal professional to successfully dispose of hazardous devices. The portable Comprehensive Hook & Line Kit is supplied in case with a foam insert and contains components for attaching line, anchoring pulleys and manoeuvring dangerous objects to a safe position.

The components of the Comprehensive Hook & Line Kit were developed in conjunction with British Army bomb disposal experts, as Hook and Line rigging equipment is recognised worldwide as an integral component of any
EOD teams inventory.


1 x Safe-C Security Mirror
2 x Snatch Block
1 x Hook, Small Single Plain
1 x Hook, Medium Single Plain
2 X Hook, Medium Double Plain
1 x Hook Large Single Plain
2 x 25mm Eye
1 x Reel, White Kevlar Fitted With Snap Hook
1 x Reel, Black Kevlar Fitted With Snap Hook
1 x Rope Sling, 3mm Dia X 2m Long, Soft Eye
1 x Rope Sling, 4mm Dia X 2m Long, Soft Eye
1 x Rope Sling, 5mm Dia X 2m Long, Soft Eye
1 x Wire Sling, 1.5mm Dia X 2m Long, 30mm
1 x Wire Sling, 2.0mm Dia X 2m Long, 30mm
1 x Wire Sling, 3.0mm Dia X 2m Long, 30mm
2 x Triple Barb Hook With Mount For Telescopic Pole
1 x Piton Spearpoint 55mm Long
1 x Piton Spearpoint 80mm Long
1 x Piton Chisel 55mm Long
1 x Piton Chisel 85mm Long
1 x Double Suction Pad With Anchor Point
Hook spring gate 50mm
Light-weight spring grip x 2
Light-weight spring grip x 2
Belt sling
Large IED net
Automatic opening snatch block x 4
Torpedo release
Sticky eye x 10
Rope 3mm dia x 100m 3 strand polyester
1.6mm dia x 5m long stainless wire x 5
Clear cable tie 368 x 7.6 x 100
Red cable tie 200 x 4.8 x 100
Duck tape 50mm x 50m
Safe-C security mirror
High intensity pocket torch
Telescopic inspection mirror with 140mm convex mirror